Sunday, 27 September 2009

step down

a lot of my friends are having a hard time adjusting to their new working lifestyles. i guess when you reach the age of 23 to 26 or so, there's just a lot of things on your plate - work, money, getting hitched, moving into your own place, just to name a few. independently, maybe it's not much to deal with, but when you get them all in a go. well. i guess it's a pretty stressful overall situation. not that i'd know, because i'm just a fresher at uni. ages to go before i get to that stage.

but for those of you who might be feeling the weight of the world upon your shoulders, think of what atlas would do. get hercules to do your job for you. umm, wait, no, that's a bad analogy. just think of the good times? something like that. and hope it'll all get better. eventually. when we all grow old and die. no. wait. what?

this post is a tribute to those people sucking it up and braving their new worlds; something which, i profess, i was not able to do myself. in specific, hendrix, and sushi-slave, to you both i offer this token of acknowledgement:

what must be the best videoclip ever created

by virtue of it having so many subliminal, and implied messages. that and it has sweet transforming laser-eyed hitler jesus. in ballet tights. enjoy. (remember when we watched this video clip in the common room, and you said prior to that, 'incubus sucks'?)

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etc said...

acknowledging a somewhat-quoted:

From day one I talked about getting out
But not forgetting about
How my worst fears are letting out
He said why put a new address
On the same old loneliness
When breathing just passes the time
Until we all just get old and die
Now talking's just a waste of breath
And living's just a waste of death
And why put a new address
On the same old loneliness
And this is you and me
And me and you
Until we've got nothing left

- Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows), f o b