Saturday, 12 September 2009


none of us are stupider than all of us combined.

this is one of my favourite sayings, and ironically i haven't a clue who said it or if that's the actual quote. hey, i believe in the spirit of things rather than the word, so yeah.

anyway, sometimes i think people need to take a time out and just step back. think about the bigger picture from an individual's prespective, then start building their way up to the greater scheme of things. entering at the hive-mind stage, as a sheep (a-la 1984), with a mindset of sweet concrete-brain zombie jesus is just as much a ticket on the failboat as it is the trainwreck express.

brain liquefying due to lack of sleep -_- just think about the quote for a bit. lates.


Anonymous said...

sumpah i cannot think what that quote actually mean... maybe im just not that bright haha i ll try tho, i usually will get it when my mind wanders..

etc said...

lol don't hurt yourself too much :p i think it just eludes to how 'individuals are smart. individuals are creative. they're tolerant, decisive, considerate, etc etc. people as a whole are stupid, monotonous and follow the pack.' paraphrased from a movie. 20 points to whomever can tell me which movie it is, because i sure as hell've forgotten.