Tuesday, 1 September 2009

scalar scaling

it's been a while since i last posted rhetoric or a mental exercise.

imagine, if you will, a colony of ants upon the sidewalk. and the weather is dreary, slightly cloudy, as it begins to drizzle. now, how you perceive the raindrops depends on the scale at which you are, relative to the raindrops. as a human, i could easily exclaim, 'oh, how bountiful the rain is. verily there is no other gift more equi-distributed. none other more delicate and apropos.'

if you were an ant, scurrying for shelter as the drizzle becomes downpour, the raindrop is not so seemingly well-distributed, and one might even argue that it is discretely quantised. whether this be for the benefit of man (ant) or otherwise, is an entirely independent notion, but one can already see how the different scales may influence argument for or against such.

now, contemplate that the rain has passed, and along comes the sun. a beacon of light where once bore dark, and the metaphorical rays of hope dry up what once was damp and desecrated (again dependent upon scale, but let us say one are ants for this analogy). one cannot negate the presence and aftereffects of the rain, but already it is a better day. a change, with hope of new opportunities and banishment of old mistakes. remembered but not dwelled upon.

but how quickly can fate deal a blow of inopportune ill luck, if say, i, as a human, were to come along wielding a magnifying glass, the epitome of canonical child inquisitiveness (or mischief). and as i begin setting ones anthill asunder, with too much of a good thing (remember those rays of hope?), maybe one wishes that the rain had never ended?

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