Sunday, 13 September 2009

dearest alice

i've always liked 'alice in wonderland' (or for the purist, alice's adventures in wonderland), the classic by lewis carroll. there's something about the lsd-induced madness and literary nonsense that just captivated me years ago. since my first year at uni, i've been hunting for the sequel, 'through the looking glass', as well a couple of his famous poems, 'jabberwocky' and the 'hunting of the snark'. i actually found 'through the looking glass' while in london but regretfully didn't buy it because it was hella expensive :/ for those of my friends studying abroad, should you perchance yourself in a bookstore and find one of these works, please buy a copy for me!

anyway. many a year ago. when the world was young. and certain sages were without age (hence only asses). i played a little-known game, simply titled 'alice'. it was awesome. as a game it was pretty easy and straightforward. but the storyline, art and concepts were amazing. think alice meets exorcist meets silent hill.

there's supposed to be a movie based on the game, but it never came out. which makes me a sad panda. rumors are it'll be out in 2010, but i'm not keeping my fingers crossed (anymore). however, there is the promise of tim burton's rendition, which will just be a re-enactment of the original story (the cast looks promising and the movie is on schedule, so i'll be watching it nonetheless); as well as the sequel to the game which should also be out sometime next year.

here's to hoping.

p/s: for those with a somewhat similar taste as mine for the macabre, i've also linked a couple of (old) videoclips that may pique your interest to lurk moar into the depths of madness. enjoy ~

the used - all that i've got
. love this one because it reminds me of the game.

incubus - dig. slightly less relevant but still an awesome concept.


Anonymous said...

when i was 13 i had this eccentric lecturer, he told us to write our own version of jaberwocky. i couldn recall what i really wrote, but by the end of the week, i had to read it infront of the class. Oh i like yr style of writing, tho cam artistic or susah skit nak paham.hehe

oh i saw the trailer you ve linked, looks good esp with Johnny DEPP!!haha

etc said...

yes, johnny depp is pretty awesome! i like how he takes characters who are somewhat disturbed, or at least dark, with a touch of humour.

edward scissorhands, ichabod crane, willy wonka, roux, jack sparrow, sweeny todd. etc.

reminds me of what's-his-name from 'the nightmare before christmas'. jack skellington.