Tuesday, 13 January 2009

a lesson in procrastination

another week / month has passed without me doing much. and as much as i would like to do, there is much more which i should have done rather than not and have let pass. basically, let us consider a situation to examplify what i have been up to in the past month:

scenario A:
consider a horse race where there are 10 horses racing. One is a stellar specimen of equestrian proportions (more than so, where it counts giggity giggity). One is a run-of-the-mill horse with no talent in any field save for, possibly, munching away at hay (or whatever it is that horse eat on the ranches) and sleeping with its legs buckled. One is a wild stallion, untamed, feral and unbridled, of which nobody has heard of and nobody can assess its capabilities. the other 7 are mute / deaf / blind / limp / lame / has diabetes / smokes pot such as to have schizophrenia / has a combination of at least two of the listed problems.

now, consider that you are at this race with an unlimited amount of money. You do, however, have other reasons to gain from betting on a winning horse. Which horse(s) would you bet on?

intuitively, my first reaction would be, bet on them all! But consider the situation a while longer, and reason it out. I have yet to ask people, personally, but from my own millings there is quite a significant range of answers i would give :/

p/s: no, i have no idea about what happens at real horse races. no, i don't pretend to know anything about gambling. and yes, i am terrible at making analogies :( at least this one.

scenario B:
see next post, as i have to run off, now.

p/p/s: damnit, i just spent time 'correcting' my errs of capitalising / not- capitalising letters after each period, only to find i have been inconsistent anyway -_- the reason being i usually don't bother with it, but recently have been writing many (MANY) formal letters and as such have become accomodated (really?) to typing it grammatically correct :/ ironically when i skim the post before pressing 'publish post' i fail at consistency anyway and so... to be elaborated upon in a future post? it's like an exciting series where i keep leaving off with enticing teasers as to future episodes. only it'll probably turn out as a horrible misguiding and unplanned series of posts. much like how Lost is a terrible series to watch, now -_-