Monday, 28 February 2011

taking a breaking point

i've usually enjoyed writing, and i reckon i still do. however, as of late, life has just been up in my grill, baring its decaying teeth and snorting its halitosis-laden breath. suffice to say, a whole new wave of anxiety and uncertainty has come like the red tide of an economic depression.

though i find solace in penning down my thoughts every so often, i think there are far too many things going on right now for me to resume my frequent updates, and i have somehow lost the lust for writing. i wish it were not so, as, in a hierarchy of duties, writing has always been quite high up there for me, even when various other details may have changed.

in short, i will be taking temporary hiatus from blogging (though this is not to say i will not write at all), and the quality and content of posts will be somewhat diverse. a perversion of all i hold dear, but such has become the norm of my tumultuous life, anyway.

fare thee well, blogosphere, i will miss you so! maybe the digital ozone will have repaired whence i return.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


people say that your preferences changes with age. the type of foods you like, the music you listen to, the aromas that you find attractive and not.

i just wish i had the certainty of knowing what i actually want anymore.

i guess, i really wish i was still in the race for the pursuit of an objective, because as it is right now, i'm chasing shadows and running in circles - and that light at the end of the tunnel has never been more elusive.

Monday, 7 February 2011

why a zombie invasion is not such a bad thing

one thing i've learned from history is that friends and enemies are temporary. the current tumultuous conditions in the middle east are a good example of this - say how iraq and afghanistan having being a certain country's lambs during the cold war, leading up to opposition, invasion, and the obligatory revolution, only to be superceded by empty, puppet governments. such was the case with saddam, and in a way, the whole al-qaeda farce.

controversial? contentional? confounding? maybe so. so let's look further back - wwi had the allies and central powers, and wwii had the allies and axis. guess who's on which side of the fence nowadays?

but don't take my word for it, seeing as how my history is very shaky, slightly biased, and entirely superficial. i'm sure you have your own examples - in fact now that i think of it, i may be better off giving examples from my own country, but i fear that there may be limited external generalisability. just as how that phrase may be lost to the linguists and questioned by the statisticians. and speaking of literature, therein lies more examples - one of my favourite authors (whose ideas have formed and moulded much of my youth), george orwell uses this as a recurring theme in his famous 1984 and animal farm.

let me not bother you with the details, and fall short of a pompous predisposition. instead let us direct ourselves to the intent of this post - what brings about such powerful shifts of allegiances? obviously, this is multifactorial, but i think one of the major things to consider is that of a common enemy. in the face of adversity, races, religious sects, ethnic minorities, political parties, genders, sexes, and even entire nations have come together to face their common foe. the wars i have listed earlier are but a large scale example of such things (other examples i would like to quote are the kkk, jewish holocaust, and the united bieber-haters coalition).

so, seeing as how jaded we have become, as a race, as a species; maybe it's time we had some common adversary? now i hear you screaming in rage - what of the deaths, the poverty, the pain and the suffering? well, humans have far outstayed their welcome on earth and has extended its guest stay from our host, mother earth (and its resources). we would do well with some cutbacks and i am not ashamed to have lives taken from us - in fact i would readily give my own many times over to see the greater good (assumedly) come into fruitition.

what we need is someone to make us all realise that, even in our great diversity, we are but the same. whites, blacks, yellows, browns. christians, jews, muslims, buddhists, hindus, shintos, atheists. men women, men-women, everything in between. you name it, we've got it and we sure as hell gots them unneeded animosity.

so pick your poison, have at your venom - zombie kittens? alien slimeballs? laser-eyed robot crocodiles? unicron diamond jesus? something we can all get behind to go up against. and if all of these never come? we can always band against the jonas brothers (this does not defy the purpose of the post, because they're clearly not human, or from this world).

Thursday, 3 February 2011

what dreams may twist

the good
i am diving in a pristine sea - clear blue-green waves and opalescent piercing rays of light. visibility is amazing as i surface to a sweet, cooling breeze; and i approach the shore. the shallows are inviting, with smooth white sands giving way to an unadulterated beach-head. there, i stall a while to rest, and am accompanied by young whale sharks.

really, whale sharks on a beach? wtf is this i don't even...

whale sharks on a beach (also known as bale-sharks, which are unrelated to christian bale). more likely than you think

i enter a chocolate parlour. an aged connoisseur welcomes me with a plate of the most exotic and extravagant chocolates i have ever imagined. with no inhibition or doubt, i sample the miniature marvels, and can only describe the ecstasy as a divine gift.

man, all that leonidas and food channel is really getting to me.

the bad

my teeth are falling out. this is unrelated to my chocolate-induced dreams. in fact, my teeth resemble more of a canine's than primate's. they are uneven, jagged, somewhat randomly distributed, and (what i can only describe as) rotting in their roots. my gums are blackened and fetid, with each tooth retractable and eerily dislocatable in their sockets - making easy the falling from my mouth.

why is my dream vision only of and about my mouth, and why do i have a feeling i am more an alien than anything else?

the world is ending. i would post about how horrible my experience in this dream was, but do i really have to? i mean, the world is ending.

the ugly

just to prove that i can never have a good dream that doesn't end abruptly with a horrible ending (god must be a fan of de maupassant, porter and shyamalan), here are the endings to my earlier 'good' dreams.

sweet maritime jesus, the whale sharks are eating my elbows off.

oh god, there is marmite-flavoured chocolate.

what real aussies use to brush their teeth.