Monday, 28 February 2011

taking a breaking point

i've usually enjoyed writing, and i reckon i still do. however, as of late, life has just been up in my grill, baring its decaying teeth and snorting its halitosis-laden breath. suffice to say, a whole new wave of anxiety and uncertainty has come like the red tide of an economic depression.

though i find solace in penning down my thoughts every so often, i think there are far too many things going on right now for me to resume my frequent updates, and i have somehow lost the lust for writing. i wish it were not so, as, in a hierarchy of duties, writing has always been quite high up there for me, even when various other details may have changed.

in short, i will be taking temporary hiatus from blogging (though this is not to say i will not write at all), and the quality and content of posts will be somewhat diverse. a perversion of all i hold dear, but such has become the norm of my tumultuous life, anyway.

fare thee well, blogosphere, i will miss you so! maybe the digital ozone will have repaired whence i return.

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