Monday, 1 December 2008

freudian slip-slops and flip-flops

sigmund freud is actually one of my least favourite people. ever. not that i know him personally, but when someone channels their failure of finding eel testicles into theories of humanity revolving around sex (citation needed!), you tend to question why people are so obsessed with his theories in the first place. i mean if you're going to attribute everything (especially dreams) to sexual frustration and deprivation. well. i'm not going to say even i can do that, because that would be lowering my own standards.

i don't have anything against him, i'm sure he's well educated and formed his theories based on long hours of research and thinking, followed by various enlightenments and dead ends *cough* cocaine *cough*. and surely his line of thoughts were well structured, unlike mine. although, i guess, having oral cancer (from smoking cigars?) + controversial relationships with your own family members + having the Nazis ban your books and work = fame in the future. if only Hitler came back from the dead and started banning my blogs. maybe i'd be a someone in 2097! i'd probably be even more of a someone considering i was suppressed by zombie hitler. adolf freaking zombie hitler. can't get any more awesome than that. especially if he decides to shoot himself with a gun at the end of his tenure on earth. again! :o

but, again, i digress. as per the end of my previous post, i was going to talk about freudian slips. nothing too elaborate, i was just reminded of this because i have a friend who would, on one occasion, type sex* instead of sec* 9 times in a row when trying to type 'going to answer the phone, brb sec' (as in second) over the internet. he would correct himself only to make the same mistake again. and again. this is highly uninteresting considering the c and x keys are right beside each other on the keyboard, and even 9 times in a row could easily be explained by a slip of the hand or not being attentive as one was answering the phone.

however, it's just one case in my point of saying that (a lot of) the people i know do in fact make sexually-related freudian slips. what's on your (wo)man's mind, eh? now how did flip-flops get into the title? just another incident of freudian slips where a Ms. F decided to say to us, one day, that we should probably bring our penises to the beach. we were in a total wtf?!? moment. later it was apparent she meant flip-flops but had no recollection of herself saying otherwise (yeah, i said flip-flops. wtf are you guys trying to pull on me?) albeit there being about 5 people there telling her otherwise. i think she still believes we were pulling a prank on her to this day.