Saturday, 27 November 2010

(you) vs. the world

i am an avid movie-goer. hmmm, that doesn't sound right. i used to be an avid movie-goer. back home, where movies are cheap, i wouldn't think twice about popping into the cinema to catch even a b-grade movie. sure, i'd criticise the hell out of it afterwards, but i'd go watch it. maybe. if a couple of friends wanted to watch it, too. and they paid for my ticket.

but nowadays, even when it's a good movie (not that i can tell before going to watch it), i find myself second-guessing the decision to go watch. it would have to be pretty awesome, and it'd have to be a social outing (yeah, i used to watch movies by myself from time to time. sad as it sounds, it's actually pretty fun, especially when it's cheap as per above. don't knock it if you haven't tried). in fact, the only movie i've watched at the cinema this year is inception (this line sounds familiar, maybe i've written this before...) and yes, it's a pretty awesome movie.

so, recently, i got around to watching scott pilgrim vs. the world. say what you like, it's pretty epic. i mean, indie bands? old skool videogames? cult classic references? american comics and manga influences? how can you not love this?

i guess it's a personal thing. maybe an acquired taste? because amongst my friends, it's kinda hit-or-miss. some loved it (mostly americans and a couple of aussies) and some hated it (mostly asians? i dunno, something like that). just like the reception i got from asking about speed racer. but that's a different story. in any case, i loved it, and had i known it would be that legend-wait-for-it-awesome, i would have gone to the cinema.

normally i'd go on here to write about why the movie is awesome (which would only make sense, especially for those who haven't watched it. yeap that one person who hasn't. ha, you're way more out of date than me! ha. again. ha!). but i'll cut you guys a break this time. yay.

i guess the next logical step would be to find the comics the movie is based on.

p/s: i do not like imdb and it's rating system. it's just so misleading. and the 'also liked' feature? goddamn horrible. how could they recommend 'wanted' for people who liked 'the incredibles' (the latter being full of win, and the former... let's just not go there).

also a rarrrrr movie

p/p/s: omg scott pilgrim was released on my bday? wtffffffff. i shoulda treated myself or something.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

dreaming of demons, dreaming of diamonds

i once had a dream of sanguine-red roses;
pretty chinese girls striking fake 'peace' poses;
of rabbits who twitch their (cute!) little noses;
where buddha can laugh with muhammad and moses.

i remember, too, seeing in peripheral sight,
what might be misconstrued as bright shining light;
but, nay, 'tis not such, a will-o'-the-wisps,
instead 'twas a jabberwocky with no fists!

he came up to me, but could never quite focus,
upon his whole body, for his hocus pocus,
was truly unique, i lie to you not,
as truly and honest, as leaves, herbs and pot.

but, anyway, this is of minor import,
just like the fact that he drank much wine and port;
but never he seemed to be even tipsy,
or sad, or happy, or dispair or quite mimsy.

he said to me, 'hark! who does interlope?'
'upon my domain, of beauty and hope?'
'who dares here defile what i have kept true?'
'this is not place for you, you, you or you.'

he pointed his finger, menacing and straight,
directed and directing my very fate;
i bore little courage, puppies be my witness!
like persian kittens, i have reduced fitness.

and stifled a cough, i did muster true,
resounding in voice i asked 'who are you?'
'forgive my trespass, mean no disrespect,
i've come here by accident, to see and inspect,
the sublime realm that you have kept to yourselves;
'tis filled with gay faeries, bold sprites and bright elves.'

'that is none of your concern, mortal being,'
he sighed with a rumble, though what did it mean?
proceeded to banish me into the darkness,
of nightmares and terrors, haunting eerie madness.

and here i awoke, to find i'd passed out,
upon the cold floor, from punch, blow and clout;
upon my bare breast sat sinister vile imp,
who wore a black smile, his limbs all in limp;
he cackled a nefarious vile incantation,
which spoke of foreboding quiet contemplation.

i ventured an old, potent word of warding,
i was but too weak, t'was all i'm affording;
again the familiar's ominous laugh,
resounded with fury - i'd incurred its wrath!

but, solemnly worry, i'd not in the least -
he would not intimidate me, this foul beast;
so further i chanted my prayer, my salve;
only to find its effects half and halve.

though seemed the imp to grow much feeble, forlorn;
the echo was clear, he's chanting along!
i let out a whimper, he stopped, some respite;
i could not put up any form of a fight.

in jabberwocky i fatalistic trust;
in god, in dreams, in nightmares i must,
not forget to offer praise to the deities;
and hope for relent, compassion and pities.
or maybe i should appeal to this fiend;
from dogma and cliches, oh, i should be weaned;
but, nay! i shouldn't! hope does wait eternal;
one does not bargain and plea with these infernals.

so i lay in wait, resigned and morose,
in what future lies these hollow death throes?
and suddenly i am blinking awake,
'what's this', i think, 'have i cheated fate?'

the cursed begone, no trace and no sight,
be banished, foul demon! be banished by light!
oh, joy, for the absence of ghost and of wight,
through window shines freedom, sun's warmth prevails bright!

to friends, and to foes, this listless, bored tale,
will serve a reminder when you're old and frail;
beware the jabberwocky, fringe 'pon his world not;
for fear of the devils, who wither and rot,
whomever would test and folly temptations,
then indulge in rudeness, excess exacerbations,
to you waits a gift, a pleasant short trip,
flay hips with sting whips, shrill cries and bit lips;
upon you, a curse, from which lies salvation,
in jars of moon gold dust, and ironic situations.

i leave you for now, i leave you with this: do ponder repercussions of dreaming so wander;
do not ask me how, seek not such false bliss - leave lone well alone, don't tarry or wonder.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

how do you feel?

although i would have liked to be asking of how you feel, this was not the intent of this post. but, since we've gone there anyway, how do you feel? i hope your description is laden with happy and positive descriptions, if not in word then at least in body and context. however, as i have implied, this is the question i would have liked to have posed, but it is not.

instead, i was thinking of how i am such a fuddy-duddy at heart. an old, decrepit, sage of willful and hopeless romanticism. of pondering thoughts and cliched gestures. i was thinking of how life and love have changed, and how i have not changed with them.

how do you feel about private walks in the park? of lying under an umbrella on a hot, sunny beach with no words to speak to each other? how do you feel of hidden flirty messages folded in teacups and under the saucers? of smiley faces drawn on your hand? how do you feel of love letters? and not moving to scratch that itch when one has fallen asleep on your shoulder for fear you would wake? and reading books on the train while silently smiling into the pages, thinking of one another? how do you feel of subtle gestures that are unknown to anyone but yourself? of secret signals? of nuances in a smile? how do you feel, of and for, the lost love for romance, the lost romance for love?

ask yourself this, and you might find that you don't really need to wait till valentine's day or someone's birthday to do that something you wanted to do but never could because everyone's just so busy. ask this, and maybe you think that these are wastes of time, which could be better put to working on something substantial. i care not, for i ask this only to myself, as you should to yourself.

how do you feel, for the loss of romance, and how she should have found her way to lush green forests, but only finds herself in a neverending, arid desert of forgottenness and bereft? how do you feel for your wanting heart, for the wanting heart of someone else?

Friday, 19 November 2010

serial serial watcher

here i sit in solemn thought, signing the signs of silly states, writing the wiles while i wily wait. and, though forlorn for long, and forever irate, 'tis folly to faulty fashioned by fate. my examinations are ere ended and evermore passed by, though eschewed had i for as long as i could, procrastinated and pondered for what i might endeavour to please what eager comes before education.

so, while that is done and suddenly surpassed, it is now superseded by boredom temporary. but rest assured this is not to be right, for write, shall i write and for this right i turn right - and herein lies the analogy to wright, but not of wood, instead wright of paper (though one may argue that paper is wood only replaced); for to turn left would be to remain idle and take flight like the wrights.

barring these blatantly brevities of boredom, i am armed with sufficient plans for the coming days, and as such have bought and brought it upon myself to view many movies and series. yes, it is time to use up that 500 gb bandwidth, and believe that (with sufficient patience and promises) i may paddle through such piddle and bargain with such middle (of ground and of mind, of time and of riddle).

but distraught! doom, i say, doom! and much delay. for i cannot fathom of deranges or pathos of dementia! hark, i say, hark! and much thought. for i cannot heart the thought of needing to be taught of the taut, and the tight, and the might. which is basic to say, without binary at bay, that before this i am befuddled with not knowing and questioning burden. hmmm, think, i say, think!

so far as of yet, i like the idea, of forgetting and forlorning my worldly woes, with fringe and friends and maybe futurama. and of course, i have mad men, and mayhap how i met your mother, or house? but how would i know which whos are what one wants?

tldr: i'm bored and am looking for some good telly series to download and watch. please suggest me some, such that i can finish up the remainder of my 500gb bandwidth and spend the summer days wasting away (unless i get a job, goddamnit)

Monday, 15 November 2010

sigh, why have you abandoned me, fate and fortune?

O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis,
semper crescis
aut decrescis;
vita detestabilis
nunc obdurat
et tunc curat
ludo mentis aciem,
dissolvit ut glaciem.

Sors immanis
et inanis,
rota tu volubilis,
status malus,
vana salus
semper dissolubilis,
et velata
michi quoque niteris;
nunc per ludum
dorsum nudum
fero tui sceleris.

Sors salutis
et virtutis
michi nunc contraria,
est affectus
et defectus
semper in angaria.
Hac in hora
sine mora
corde pulsum tangite;
quod per sortem
sternit fortem,
mecum omnes plangite!

Thursday, 11 November 2010


this is why you don't want to be eating (strawberry flavoured) yogurt, while studying medically-related stuff.

i'll put up some parasite pictures, and tell you how i lose my appetite for pasta / noodles next. fun times.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

sick as sick does

i always manage to fall sick exactly as the exams come around. so much, that a long time ago, i've learned to just shrug it off and get down to the crux of things. everyone has their disabilities or debilitating issues (not just at exam times, but throughout the year).

but, this time, i have fallen ill to a very serious disease, three diseases, apparently, and i fear i will not recover well enough. and this is very disconcerting - not just for my exams but for the future and what it may hold, because this time 'round, things seem very pivotal. very streamlining. very leading.

a curse of flesh, which though seemingly resolving, may leave scars and minor ulcerations for quite a time (goddamn you, itch!). a malediction of the heart, and i have scheduled an appointment for this (hopefully it's just muscular, but the doctor might want an ecg just in case). and a taint of the mind, but this is always a passing fancy, and i am sure leads nowhere.

annnnnd, back to reading journals and reviews.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

the insight...

so busy these days... anyway. because i'm kinda pressed for time, here's some half-assed post. some friends and i used to discuss the economic downturn in 2008... all that black rock and lehman brothers stuff... and man, is that stuff elaborate. no, i'm not going to post it here in this meager post, but, watching southpark (when i say i'm pressed for time! the hypocrisy!) gave me an episode that really did a swell job in explaining the situation... kinda. just gotta do a bit of background reading and you'll see that it actually is more thought through than half the articles out there on the whole situation. a whole 2 years after the crisis. oh yeah, and the jesus references never get old. sweet kyle jesus!

it's episode 3 of season 13, margaritaville. which can be viewed here.