Saturday, 27 November 2010

(you) vs. the world

i am an avid movie-goer. hmmm, that doesn't sound right. i used to be an avid movie-goer. back home, where movies are cheap, i wouldn't think twice about popping into the cinema to catch even a b-grade movie. sure, i'd criticise the hell out of it afterwards, but i'd go watch it. maybe. if a couple of friends wanted to watch it, too. and they paid for my ticket.

but nowadays, even when it's a good movie (not that i can tell before going to watch it), i find myself second-guessing the decision to go watch. it would have to be pretty awesome, and it'd have to be a social outing (yeah, i used to watch movies by myself from time to time. sad as it sounds, it's actually pretty fun, especially when it's cheap as per above. don't knock it if you haven't tried). in fact, the only movie i've watched at the cinema this year is inception (this line sounds familiar, maybe i've written this before...) and yes, it's a pretty awesome movie.

so, recently, i got around to watching scott pilgrim vs. the world. say what you like, it's pretty epic. i mean, indie bands? old skool videogames? cult classic references? american comics and manga influences? how can you not love this?

i guess it's a personal thing. maybe an acquired taste? because amongst my friends, it's kinda hit-or-miss. some loved it (mostly americans and a couple of aussies) and some hated it (mostly asians? i dunno, something like that). just like the reception i got from asking about speed racer. but that's a different story. in any case, i loved it, and had i known it would be that legend-wait-for-it-awesome, i would have gone to the cinema.

normally i'd go on here to write about why the movie is awesome (which would only make sense, especially for those who haven't watched it. yeap that one person who hasn't. ha, you're way more out of date than me! ha. again. ha!). but i'll cut you guys a break this time. yay.

i guess the next logical step would be to find the comics the movie is based on.

p/s: i do not like imdb and it's rating system. it's just so misleading. and the 'also liked' feature? goddamn horrible. how could they recommend 'wanted' for people who liked 'the incredibles' (the latter being full of win, and the former... let's just not go there).

also a rarrrrr movie

p/p/s: omg scott pilgrim was released on my bday? wtffffffff. i shoulda treated myself or something.

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