Friday, 19 November 2010

serial serial watcher

here i sit in solemn thought, signing the signs of silly states, writing the wiles while i wily wait. and, though forlorn for long, and forever irate, 'tis folly to faulty fashioned by fate. my examinations are ere ended and evermore passed by, though eschewed had i for as long as i could, procrastinated and pondered for what i might endeavour to please what eager comes before education.

so, while that is done and suddenly surpassed, it is now superseded by boredom temporary. but rest assured this is not to be right, for write, shall i write and for this right i turn right - and herein lies the analogy to wright, but not of wood, instead wright of paper (though one may argue that paper is wood only replaced); for to turn left would be to remain idle and take flight like the wrights.

barring these blatantly brevities of boredom, i am armed with sufficient plans for the coming days, and as such have bought and brought it upon myself to view many movies and series. yes, it is time to use up that 500 gb bandwidth, and believe that (with sufficient patience and promises) i may paddle through such piddle and bargain with such middle (of ground and of mind, of time and of riddle).

but distraught! doom, i say, doom! and much delay. for i cannot fathom of deranges or pathos of dementia! hark, i say, hark! and much thought. for i cannot heart the thought of needing to be taught of the taut, and the tight, and the might. which is basic to say, without binary at bay, that before this i am befuddled with not knowing and questioning burden. hmmm, think, i say, think!

so far as of yet, i like the idea, of forgetting and forlorning my worldly woes, with fringe and friends and maybe futurama. and of course, i have mad men, and mayhap how i met your mother, or house? but how would i know which whos are what one wants?

tldr: i'm bored and am looking for some good telly series to download and watch. please suggest me some, such that i can finish up the remainder of my 500gb bandwidth and spend the summer days wasting away (unless i get a job, goddamnit)

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