Sunday, 7 November 2010

sick as sick does

i always manage to fall sick exactly as the exams come around. so much, that a long time ago, i've learned to just shrug it off and get down to the crux of things. everyone has their disabilities or debilitating issues (not just at exam times, but throughout the year).

but, this time, i have fallen ill to a very serious disease, three diseases, apparently, and i fear i will not recover well enough. and this is very disconcerting - not just for my exams but for the future and what it may hold, because this time 'round, things seem very pivotal. very streamlining. very leading.

a curse of flesh, which though seemingly resolving, may leave scars and minor ulcerations for quite a time (goddamn you, itch!). a malediction of the heart, and i have scheduled an appointment for this (hopefully it's just muscular, but the doctor might want an ecg just in case). and a taint of the mind, but this is always a passing fancy, and i am sure leads nowhere.

annnnnd, back to reading journals and reviews.


Zizi said...

ko sakit apa ni amir? Sounds a bit serious.

Well, I wish you'll get well in time for your exams, InsyaAllah!

etc said...

some kind of environmental infection, i think. gonna go to the GP when i get home (because it's too expensive here) and in the mean time, taking some antibiotics. :(