Thursday, 4 November 2010

the insight...

so busy these days... anyway. because i'm kinda pressed for time, here's some half-assed post. some friends and i used to discuss the economic downturn in 2008... all that black rock and lehman brothers stuff... and man, is that stuff elaborate. no, i'm not going to post it here in this meager post, but, watching southpark (when i say i'm pressed for time! the hypocrisy!) gave me an episode that really did a swell job in explaining the situation... kinda. just gotta do a bit of background reading and you'll see that it actually is more thought through than half the articles out there on the whole situation. a whole 2 years after the crisis. oh yeah, and the jesus references never get old. sweet kyle jesus!

it's episode 3 of season 13, margaritaville. which can be viewed here.

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