Thursday, 11 November 2010


this is why you don't want to be eating (strawberry flavoured) yogurt, while studying medically-related stuff.

i'll put up some parasite pictures, and tell you how i lose my appetite for pasta / noodles next. fun times.


Anonymous said...

urk. lol, my bf's a med student and yeah i'm familiar with such horrid photos. but what amazes me is how completely desensitized med students get after a couple of months. they now talk about "sticking up my finger in Patient X's ass" oh so casually at the dinner table. i've been fairly busy, but i still visit your blog from time to time and of course am always entertained by your language and stories and thoughts. just so you know, i actually moved to Just wanted to be more anonymous=) good luck with the reading!

etc said...

yeah, you get used to it really quick. sometimes it gets worrying, because patients start to become just another number on your to-do list - especially when you've been working that 12 hour shift, hadn't had anything to eat in a day and are living off a cup of coffee.

but all is well, when i see my doctor/friends who still manage to smile at their patients. i salute you all!

p/s: i got out of it all, don't hate me.