Thursday, 3 February 2011

what dreams may twist

the good
i am diving in a pristine sea - clear blue-green waves and opalescent piercing rays of light. visibility is amazing as i surface to a sweet, cooling breeze; and i approach the shore. the shallows are inviting, with smooth white sands giving way to an unadulterated beach-head. there, i stall a while to rest, and am accompanied by young whale sharks.

really, whale sharks on a beach? wtf is this i don't even...

whale sharks on a beach (also known as bale-sharks, which are unrelated to christian bale). more likely than you think

i enter a chocolate parlour. an aged connoisseur welcomes me with a plate of the most exotic and extravagant chocolates i have ever imagined. with no inhibition or doubt, i sample the miniature marvels, and can only describe the ecstasy as a divine gift.

man, all that leonidas and food channel is really getting to me.

the bad

my teeth are falling out. this is unrelated to my chocolate-induced dreams. in fact, my teeth resemble more of a canine's than primate's. they are uneven, jagged, somewhat randomly distributed, and (what i can only describe as) rotting in their roots. my gums are blackened and fetid, with each tooth retractable and eerily dislocatable in their sockets - making easy the falling from my mouth.

why is my dream vision only of and about my mouth, and why do i have a feeling i am more an alien than anything else?

the world is ending. i would post about how horrible my experience in this dream was, but do i really have to? i mean, the world is ending.

the ugly

just to prove that i can never have a good dream that doesn't end abruptly with a horrible ending (god must be a fan of de maupassant, porter and shyamalan), here are the endings to my earlier 'good' dreams.

sweet maritime jesus, the whale sharks are eating my elbows off.

oh god, there is marmite-flavoured chocolate.

what real aussies use to brush their teeth.

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