Friday, 18 September 2009

gossip guys

i rarely read celebrity gossip. or any gossip, really. it's not a holier-than-thou attitude or mounting high horses or anything like that. i just can't really be bothered with news in general. even stuff like world news, politics, local affairs etc. i'm just horrible at paying attention to these things. which is bad, as a whole, but i guess once in a while some really important story trickles into my notice by one means or another.

umm. digressing again. back to the first sentence - i rarely read celebrity gossip. but as most of you might have guessed, i did read about the kanye west - taylor swift incident at some awards ceremony, last week. the reason i found out about this is mr. president, barrack obama, actually had an "off-record" (i use inverted commas because apparently nothing is off-record. you say it. you live with it) quote about the incident, which i found hillarious. i mean, seriously. president. commenting on celebrities. what what in the lolwhat?

you can read about the incident and its overshoot yourself. speaking of which. eff you fags on youtube for posting your personal comments under the heading 'kanye west taylor swift'. made looking for the video clip horrendously intolerable. god. imagine 15 clips of 16-year-old metrosexuals with female voices going 'amagawd kanye you bastard'... sweet celebrity deathmatch jesus weeps for humankind. this coming from an anonymous blogger. oh, the irony.

umm digressing again. yeah just wanted to highlight a few things which i found pretty interesting, if only from a social experiment point of view (it's still gossip at the end of the day).

1. what the eff was kanye thinking? lol freaking hillarious.
2. taylor swift's reaction
3. beyonce's reaction. pretty cool, having the grace to let swift speak during her slot. WARNING: this link leads to a forum post. which are usually full of aids and fail.
4. president obama's comments (lol he's pretty cool, too) and the ethics of journalism in reporting 'off-record' details.
5. why is this such a compelling issue? i mean it's just one person dissing another, and in the celebrity circle that's not too uncommon. what makes this stand out. is it the president's involvement? is it the implied racism behind the comments? what do you think?
6. kissing and making up. kanye apologised. swift said it's all good. really?
7. will sweet paraplegic teen-idol jesus rise to the occasion and comment?
8. people say they don't care, but you can't deny the number of hits on the issue.
9. apparently (i say this because i cannot quote a source. apparently the poll has been deleted? lurk moar when i get back from classes), the american population agrees with pres. obama calling kanye a jack@$$. more ethical issues at 11.
10. mom, where do babies come from?

yeah anyway, this post was intended to be short, (yeah keep saying that, one day it'll come true). but the social implications of such a simple event (surely you've had a squabble with your friend/ brother/ sister/ local brontosaurus before) as well as the media spinoff and populous recoil to it are very interesting. i wouldn't be surprised if someone actually did a study on this. although with what results, who knows.

digressing again! to sum it up. go for the gossip, but at the back of your mind, think about it. it's not as straightforward as you think. also, obama rocks. coolest president since nixon.

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