Thursday, 10 September 2009

not all doctors are horrible

a brief dialogue stemming from a comment i left on a friend's friend's blog led me to re-discover why neil patrick harris is one of my favourite actors of all time. of all time. time. time. time. echo.

growing up on a staple doogie howser, md diet, and then meeting him again as barney in 'how i met your mother', i had forgotten a little gem i enjoyed during my undergrad years:

dr. horrible's sing-a-long blog.

here's a link to the series, which i hope you'll enjoy as much as i do. it's legend-wait for it-ary. remember, it's a 3-part series, so if you think it's left hanging, you probably forgot to click the other links 'til the end. enjoy!

p/s: for the guys unfamiliar with the crazy - hot graph, i'll have you know from first hand experience that it preaches truth. someone deserves a field's medal or at least the nobel prize in economics for it.


njahmat said...

my brother keeps on referring to nph in doogie howser too! hehe, those must have been good good days, man.

btw, the episode on crazy-hot graph was ridiculously funny. i think it was also the one on the girls with the "crazy eyes". didn't make sense at all, but a real gag.

when i first saw HIMYM, i hated barney. to the uninitiated (like I was at that time), he was OTT (over the top!), plain overboard, and downright annoying. but when you get down to it, he's the heart and soul of the show.

can't wait for the latest season!

etc said...

yeap it was that episode with 'crazy eyes'.

initially i'd already thought barney was hilarious, and having him reveal his past as a hippie (the episode with the tape he didn't want people to find out about) and later 'the bro code' was icing on the cake :D

i haven't watched 'how i met your mother' in ages because of the bandwidth limit on my current internet plan :/ maybe i'll get someone to dl the latest season for me.