Friday, 25 September 2009


meet indra. indra lives in our world. he is brash and uncouth, somewhat irresponsible in his own right. and indra has sinned. a worldly, cardinal sin, which he now wears upon his own body, set such that he can observe the sins of others, and himself; emasculated by right, but does anyone have a right to such punishment? apparently so. indra lives, thus in turmoil and uncertainty. and for this, indra will re-live his sins and forever atone for them, in our world.

meet ahsonnutli, ixchel and chiconahui. they are sisters of sorts, although that is not pertinent to their import. they live in one world, oceans apart, but they are also one and the same. they are caring and philantropic. their smiles (or singular, when they are one) are welcome, their doors are open. but they allow everyone passage, when the world is full of demons and magogs. they realise too late, whom they should distrust, by whence their throats are slit, their houses burned, their crops are razed, their people spurned. and for this, they fade slowly, into the night. by death.

meet anansi. anansi lives in a world of dunces and idiots. because of this, anansi is relatively wise. but anansi, in truth, is a mere trickster - a deceiver of peoples, a twister of tongues. with words, anansi is slick, with mind, anansi is sharp, and by virtue of this, anansi is rewarded with a world's intelligence, which is forsaken for naught but a position of power, a set of stories. and for this, anansi transcends this (pejorative) world; and now lives in a perfect world.

meet yourself.

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