Thursday, 17 September 2009

screw mathematical models, hospitality is where it's at

leaving for lab today, i left early and brought along my camera, so that i could capture a few shots of the sceneries that i encounter on my random walks. omitting the mathematics of it all, it was a pretty uneventful, early-morning stroll interspaced with me taking random pictures here and there. but then, as i was taking the photo of some pretty purple flowers, i suddenly hear this knock. i look around and see nothing, but hear it again.

as i look towards the source of the sound, i notice that the owner of the house (of whose flowers i was snapping), had been tapping his window and signalling to me to wait where i stood so he could come out and have a word. two words run through my mind:

oh shi...

this elderly guy who looks like a war veteran lumbers out, slowly. he has a grimace on his face, which is a pretty bad omen. he's just caught me taking pictures of his precious flowers, which are probably sensitive to light, and i've damaged them in some way or another. and he's going to make me pay some compensation. or beat me up. or chain me up in his basement and rape me on a daily basis. then murder me and use me as fertiliser for the flowers. oshitoshitoshit i'm f'ked @(*)#@*.

but, being the sap i am, i stand my ground and own up to whatever damage he's got to deal. bring it on, old man.

but, like any good shyamalan story (which excludes lady in the water and the village), there's a twist in my story. he comes up and casually chats up a conversation. he's apparently (obviously, now that i think about it >_<) a gardening enthusiast, and proceeds to tell me about his flowers.

the flowers i was taking photos of are a purple daisy species which, like sunflowers, bloom readily when the sun's out, but not when it's dark or shady. they also somewhat follow the direction of the sun throughout the day. sweet. and the tree that is found beside the daisy plot is the only tree of its kind in western australia, apparently very rare and it's named after some british army guy (actually his botanist wife) who traveled to perth from albany (which back in the day took 2 - 3 months. pretty cool story, bro.)

you learn something new every day.

(like australian people are way friendlier than brits. by far.) also, i'll try to remember to upload the picture i took.

edit: added picture of pretty daisies ^_^. also added pictures to previous post, which can be viewed here.

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