Monday, 28 September 2009

/facepalm all hope

taking a side track from my 'busy' work schedule, i've gone and read an abbreviated translation of dante's divine comedy. i must say, i wasn't as impressed as i initially was before i read it (sometimes the legend outweighs the man) but i guess that's what you get for getting abbreviations. probably some epicness was lost in translation, as well. for those who have heard, this work is probably the origin of the famous quote: abandon all hope, ye who enter. anyway, it was worth the read, and i'm just propping it here, in case anyone is looking for something along these lines (i know there's a few theologically-inclined amongst the audience). next up is 'paradise lost' by milton.

on less serious stuff, i've always been a fan of motivationalol posters.

sometimes you don't even need captions to convey the hillarity, and lulz can ensue. for the meme-enlightened, here's a /facepalm, and for those relatively new to the subject, i'm more than happy to provide a crash course in meme's. be warned, all ye who enter, there is no turning back - what has been seen, cannot be unseen. i'm sure, in time, everyone can learn to appreciate the viral nature of memes, but if it's not your cup of tea, :/ oh well

p/s: apparently my little 'social experiment' (or more aptly, 'social query') has failed pretty hard. epic fail guy would be proud. but worry not, i have taken measures to ensure it does not happen again, and will re-conduct when ready.

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