Friday, 25 September 2009


meet hod. hod lives in a perfect world, where blindness is not a disadvantage, not a handicap. if anything, blindness is a presenting attribute, something that defines hod apart from the crowd, like blond hair or blue eyes or tanned skin. if anything, blindness is a source of conversation over a family meal, or an introductory joke when acquaintances are made. hod is blind, but he is not blinded. and for this, hod remains in a perfect world.

meet prometheus. prometheus also lives in a perfect world. in fact, the same perfect world in which hod exists, although the world is large, and neither have they met, nor have they even heard of each other. prometheus is smart. he is wily. he is intelligent. prometheus is brilliance embodied. but, again, prometheus lives in a perfect world, where nothing is dis/advantageous. everything is just. perfect. and for this, prometheus remains in a perfect world.

meet kheper. kheper lives in a lesser domain from hod and prometheus. but this does not effect kheper - kheper is diligent and hardworking. he does not care for his surroundings and it does not care for him. the wind takes its toll on kheper's skin, the sun beats upon his barren face, the rain is cool only a moment, before it cracks his heels and chaps his lips. but kheper does not mind his worldly torment; only what he sees in his mind is real. and for this, kheper toils his strength away, alone (but in diligence!). for this, kheper dies in solitude, in a lesser domain.

meet tsukiyomi. tsukiyomi lives in a world of perceptions and impressions. it is an odd world. in this world, everything depends on presentations - ones first impression, ones scent upon leaving the house, ones attire when comiserating the lost, ones tone when speaking to another, and especially; especially how one presents food to a guest. tsukiyomi is not at fault for his sins, he is only a product of a judgemental world. and for this, tsukiyomi is shunned by the sun (him)itself.


Anonymous said...


i like these two posts... though im trying to understand what you are trying to picture here. I think i know, but well takut salah. hehe

oh i remember about Prometheus!!i love the myth on he found fire and gave it to the human race as i spoke about him in show tell class in form 1.hehe

etc said...

heh, yeah prometheus is one of my favourite greek mythology characters. i wrote these two posts with some implicit messages in mind, but you're more than free to interpret them in any way you like - remember, there is no 'wrong' way to interpret texts; only different ways.

Anonymous said...

okay amir, next time if i meet you i want to see if what i perceived is right..hehe