Sunday, 20 September 2009

busy busy like a bzzzzzz

so much to do lately. here's a list of some of the books i've recently bought on my book-devouring binge. no, i've not read them all, yet, but i've read a fair bit, enough to satisfactorily say 'yes, this book has the etc seal of approval (thumbs up + cliche grin)'; and when i get around to reading (and hopefully finishing) them, they'll hopefully be better than currently expected:

1. the brothers karamazov, by fyodor dostoyevsky.
2. shakespeare's sonnets.
3. going solo, by roald dahl.
4. love in the time of cholera, by gabriel garcia marquez.

amongst others.

note that i have restrained myself from linking and giving brief summaries of each :D abstinence win. and now, i can conclude with an honestly expletive 'short effin post, hell yeah'.

p/s: the title is a tribute to n-dizzle and h-dawg. bzzzzzz

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Azura Aziz said...

have always wanted to read 'going solo'! 'Boy' (his earlier book) gave a warm those-were-the-days kind of feel...tell me if the book's gud hehe..