Friday, 2 April 2010

the sickly man

today, being the yesterday of tomorrow, is the day when the observer would have visited me. and even for a master of disguise that i am, i cannot evade a person who has the spatial and temporal displacement abilities of the observer. and so i was obliged to answer, yet again, that i do not know the muffin man, and i could not help him.

and, similar to his search for the angry man, the observer will not meet the ugly man. this is a sad case. but this is reality. and reality is what the observer deals with, and in, so he will not complain and he has not complained.

today, we explore an alternate (new) excursion into the realm of another parallel universe, where we find the observer searching for a fabled character, the sickly man. though he is a person with many (if not all) ailments, he has not yet died from any, and this is a miraculous thing indeed. to suffer eternally from a plethora of conditions but succumb to none, it is both marvelous and pitiful.

there is something about the sickly man, though. something that bothers me more than it should; in fact this something about the sickly man bothers everyone, with the exception of maybe, the observer. this 'something' i could not identify in my lifetime, but for someone who transverses the times, the observer has had sufficient time to pinpoint this particular characteristic of the sickly man - and it is that the sickly man is not only troubled by worldly complications, but also from the netherworld. one of the defining diseases of the sickly man is his contraction of 'hell's sandiego'; and this is a disease of the mind as much aas it is a disease of the soul.

you see, the sickly man is cursed, in a way, to forever and never know the meaning of love, and to always feel the need for lust. it is a curse which ails many men, and all of man, but in particular, it is a disease that slowly and surely eats away at the tormented soul of the sickly man.

the sickly man is so effected (and affected) by hell's sandiego, that it has taken a life of its own in his persona, and in this form, he is known as sandiego, in tribute to the disease. tomorrow. tomorrow, the observer will come a-calling. and he will ask:

where on earth is sandiego?

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