Tuesday, 13 April 2010

nuanced narrations for nears and nows

first and foremost, to detail a cult classic that i have wanted to follow for quite a while (ever since reading of it on xkcd), is the movie 'primer'. it is amazing, i think, that the director has openly said that pretty much nobody is going to understand the movie on the first view (either one who professes to understanding it fully is a "liar or a savant"). i totally missed the part about dark-haired-guy deceiving blond-guy (abe?) by tricking him into thinking that he was in control. and messing with the failsafe box. but 1) i'll not spoil it for the ones who want to actually view the movie, and 2) totally gonna blame my housemate for distracting me throughout the final quarter of the movie.

it's a very gratifying feeling, watching the movie, and finally 'getting it', at least the major themes and questions in the movie. and i thoroughly recommend it as a good watch.

and now, for more forlorn poetry... actually, no. maybe another time. for now, it would be pressing to sit back and digest the movie for a bit. next up, is 'the usual suspects'. i guess i could theme myself currently as re-visiting all the movies i've wanted to watch but never did. like soylent green. mmmm. yummy soylent green.

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