Monday, 26 April 2010


doctor fernando gabriel is a missionary in a third world country. he also works periodically for a research laboratory in the states, under the cdc, which garners him an annual income reaching seven figures. his work is exciting, challenging, self-fulfilling and self-actualising. but most importantly, his job is his. and nobody does his job better than fernando gabriel.

dr. fernando also happens to be fit, as he can afford the temporal as well as monetary leisures of taking time off on a regular basis just to keep in touch with himself, in body and mind; in spirit and soul. he is not particularly pious, but he is far from the derogatory terms of 'infidel' or 'disbeliever'. to what or in what he believes, is of no import, but suffice to say that he is metaphysically aware and successful - he is one with the universe, and one with himself.

of all the externalities of charity, giving to the people and making the world a better place in general, dr. fernando is also quite the individualistic epitome. this year, he is nominated for a nobel prize due to his groundbreaking research in the theory of protein folding, and in conjunction with the cdc (he has his own research group, too), he is on the verge of changing how medicine treats disease. oh, and for his philantropic efforts, he has previously been awarded the nobel prize in peace. not that he cares much for these things, but it is a testament to the character that is fernando gabriel.

if one could see into the future, one would fine comfort in knowing that selflessness is not without its rewards, and so dr. fernando will go on to meet his soulmate, his one love, his completion to everything corporeal and his appendage to everything not - on his travels, of places there are many, he will upon coincidence, meet this fateful person and fall deeply, madly, devotedly in love, and from then only move forward.

there is no stopping fernando, and only god knows what pillars of might hold strong an individual who knows and is more than one could care to want. indeed, it would seem that dr. fernando is a fictional (and mythical) character, but, fortunately, he is not.

and in an alternate world, where karma holds govern and is in conjunction with this parallel world, fernando is you. fernando is me. and fernando is most definitely, a someone.

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