Saturday, 3 April 2010

the ungrowing man

which is also to say, he is the un-ageing boy. the observer, keen man as he is, has left the pursuit for the previous three men many ages ago. and today, he will meet his match in finding, without intent of doing so, the ungrowing man. here is his tale:

all boys grow up, it is inevitable. with the exception of peter pan and his band of lost boys. and this is because they live in neverland. but, have you ever considered why hook and his jolly (well, not-so-jolly) pirates grew up, living in neverland. so do the mermaids in the lagoon. and the indians (which includes tiger lily and her for-now-secret husband). so did it occur to you, that it may be that it isn't neverland that inhibits children from growing up? but something else, that is to do with pan and his gang?

verily, it is their lifestyle.

and this was independently reproduced by the ungrowing man. however, in the way that pan is uncaring, untied, unburdened; how pan is irresponsible, irrational, irrevocably carefree; the ungrowing man is different versions of these.

instead of blinding himself to the inevitabilities of adulthood, the ungrowing man has foreseen every single one of these things, and embraced them; then he has dismissed them in pursuit of a greater (or at least substitute) calling for and in life. however, just how pan is forever young, puer aeternus, unyielding to age, just the opposite is true for the ungrowing man - he is never old, deus ex infantum, prostate to reversing time.

and so, in an ironic fashion, the ungrowing man is more troubled than anyone in the world, by everything that could be and could have been. he is doomed to never feel success, to never taste love, to never appreciate wealth, to never find happiness, et cetra, et cetra, et cetra. there is no description for the feelings (or lack thereof) that is held by the ungrowing man, as no other person has fathomed, or even considered these potential feelings.

the ungrowing man's story will span ages, and there is no time nor luxury to recount his story in full here. but, know that he is a conglomerate of an angry man, an ugly man, a sickly man. he is men that the observer has never met. he is men that the observer has forgotten. he is men that the observer will eventually meet, but has not as of yet. he is a person who traverses time and space. he will be, and slowly becomes - he has been, and has forgotten how to be - he is the observer, being observed by himself, and observing everything, including himself. and this brings close to the synergy, the endless loop that is time, space, humanity and nothingness. the observer will tomorrow, approach me; approach you; approach himself, in search of a new him. and he will ask you:

have you met yourself?

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