Sunday, 25 April 2010


i was talking with a1 late last night, contemplating the mysteries of life, the universe and everything (lies). actually, we were just catching up on old times, and i stress the use of the word 'old' because it is not only becoming very descriptive of me, but it seems to be a recurring theme and manifest. it doesn't take much more than reflection on ones aging state of body and mind to remind oneself of the banality and mortality of one's existence. i digress.

so we're chatting, talking about passed lives, current loves, and future deaths. such is the progression of life. and though the hard-hitting questions go unanswered [which is ironic, since i start the entry with an easily answerable question (42 or gtfo)], the progressively more depressing and despairing conversation culminates in one thing - the lack of control one has in life.

it's not like i philosophise much, especially when talking with friends. but, i would like to imagine that on some level, this is a question posed by many great people, like professor farnsworth and the jabberwocky: what really does one have that is fully is in his control? (or her. politically correct disclaimer here, to include those of questionable gender). i cannot explore this question even as a sufficient superficial exercise, so i pose it for the reader to ponder:
how much control do you have of your life?

personally, a1 answered mine for me, in that i really have none. except in the holy trinity of love, hate and chocolate consumption. i guess the lesson here is we should all learn to consume more chocolate.

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