Tuesday, 6 April 2010

the sighing list

the title of this post, is unashamedly stolen from the movie 'the bucket list'; which in turn takes from the expression 'to kick the bucket'. in the movie, morgan freeman and jack nicholson (who are, individually, awesome actors, and in this combo even moreso) set out to complete a list of things to do before they kick the bucket.

this is all exciting and stuff, but where does the sighing fit in. well, i never had a name for my personal list, but after writing the previous entry, i had the brief epiphany of needing to re-open the list and check off the things that i had already accomplished, if only to gauge how close i am to completing the list. it is when i set out to do so, that i realised that i had not completed much, and the resultant sighing is now the naming for my list, such that it will server as a personal reminder of just how far behind i am on things.

i'm sure everyone has their own lists - written, verbally reiterated, mental, implied, etc. and i thought i'd put down, for posterity, my list here so that i may save some sighing for my future self. ah, to plan such cynical entertainment for oneself, how i sometimes surprise and amaze myself. but, let us not digress.

note that, although the list is numbered one to a hundred, this is not in sequence of priority nor importance. as a matter of practice, i think i shall start off by reiterating 10 items that i can remember from my unspoken list, and keep adding a bit every day, 'til i reach 100. let's see if i can eventually get there!

1. formally learn philosophy.
2. return to my eternal love, mathematics.
3. write a book.
4. finally, confess the indulgence of soul to fermina.
5. visit some wonders of the world.

continue the list, here

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