Tuesday, 20 April 2010

what is love?

baby don't hurt me. don't hurt me. no more.

if you aren't bobbing your head to haddaway's 'what is love' a-la 'a night at the roxbury', you fail so hard, it's like a boiled egg. but really, back to the question at hand, what is love?
is it something chemical? something physical?
is it something persistent? or non-existent?
is it like a summer's day, temperate and lovely?
is it angst and disappointment and failures of sully?

this summarises the extremities of love, i think. at the very least, ones that i can count off the top of my head. and i have not much experience to talk from, so i can only digress and obfuscate. to be honest, i think it's one of those questions you can answer for yourself, and only for yourself - everyone's personal dabbles in love will be different and i am only so much of a sampler from human lives, a far cry from being able to give an answer to this.

so ask yourself today, just like how someone asked me out of the blue - what is love?

or more importantly, can you do the epic head-bob?


Anonymous said...

i have many experiences but i think love(romantic) is just something people choose to feel. thats my definition. its our own choice. maybe i say this because i have yet to experience it..i doubt i will..i dont know amir. haha

etc said...

interesting. i think i am in love, therefore i am, eh. why not.