Saturday, 10 April 2010


it's been ages, since i last thought i could.
it's been ages, since i had the drive to think i should.
it's been too long, since i thought of who, of what, of where, and when.
and nevermore has it been this way since then.

i cannot remember, the last time since i felt the need to be.
i cannot remember, the first time since i could finally see.
i will always remember, what it felt like to be invincible, like it is a nightingale to its sing.
and the fleeting feeling that comes with absolute loss since everything.

my heart is heavy, since i realised i could no longer walk.
my heart is heavy, since there is nothing more, not even mere thought.
my mind is racing, with the single thought of thee, of timely resurrection of you.
troubled henceforth with a new dilemma of finding a connection, an indulgence anew.

there is nothing more, for me to wonder, to hinder myself and wander.
there is nothing more, but fervour of little-known worldly splendour.
little is there but thinking of oneself as a man, a knight, a priest or a prince.
but i have thought none of the aforementioned in so long, and never will, ever since.

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