Tuesday, 30 March 2010

the ugly man

our story continues where we left off, and today, indeed, i am approached by the observer. and he asked me of the whereabouts of a person named wally. to this, i could not fathom an answer, so he left me alone.

the observer will search for a hundred lifetimes, only to never find his angry man. and this, i will tell my kids who will tell their grandchildren, is for the best. one of the many reasons that this holds true, is that the angry man has gone on to his own tidings. his own demise, would be a better ends, but i am a romantic person, and as any good storyteller (not that i am one) will tell you that romance is the salvation of our lost hopes and dreams, though hopeless romanticism is only a feeding ground for reality. but we shall not change the simplicity in priori style - on with the observer and his newfound woes:

today, which is the tomorrow of yesterday, we will find the observer slightly disheartened and overwhelmedly depressed, because he cannot (and will never) find the angry man. instead, to occupy his time, i suggest he seek out the ugly man. and this is the story.

we diverge from the observer for now, and introduce the ugly man. this is an oxymoronic name, because though the ugly man has a horrible persona, he is, in fact, not ugly. by today's standards he is even considered not bad. true, he is not beautiful or handsome, or someone you would want to gaze at even for short lengths of time. but his appearance is not what is of import, and that is something that your parents may tell you at some point in your childhood (and though it is true that beauty is only skin deep, and to look beyond someone's facade is truly an admirable thing, you will quickly find that hormones and libido will override such amiable sentiments. so much for romanticism). but the ugly man, he has an awesome job; the ugly man is a baker.

in any case, the ugly man. he is of horrible person to meet. truly horrible. you would not want to meet him. but i told the observer that he should, because the observer is not like you or me - he is someone who is interested in the extremities of nuances in human nature (if not other things, as well). so the observer goes about his new business in trying to find the ugly man. he finds the ugly man in one of the oddest places - a parking lot. and in this parking lot you will find, oddly, that there are none bar one car, and even this does not belong to the ugly man. who knows what he was doing there in the first place. the observer, being the good observationist, looks at the ugly man from a distance. and he does this in the parking lot every day for 3 days and is impressed with what the ugly man has to offer - something that i will not elaborate upon here, but may warrant some writing in the future.

but on the fourth day, just like the angry man, the ugly man disappears. and nobody knows, to where he has gone. be wary of this situation because you will find that tomorrow, the observer may approach you and ask:

'do you know the muffin man?'

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