Monday, 8 March 2010

great questions of the universe (return of the questions)

i'm so pissed that i couldn't get tickets to 'alice in wonderland'. QQ cashew. that being said, though, the reviews are not very encouraging. oh, deary me :( and to cheer us all up, we have courtesy of my colleague, amitabh bachchan, another great question of the universe!

the actual question that he posed is: are males or females the hornier sex?

but i think this is slightly inappropriate for discussion (although you are free to comment about this, as i am now intrigued to know the answer), and instead we pose a new question, who would win a match: sweet zombie jesus or cyborg buddha?

though the literal phrasing of the question is kind of something guys would debate while high on cocaine, the figurative meaning behind this is, indeed, what i am going for.

it is the debate between polarities (symbolised by the eternal fight between good and evil, jesus / father-god / holy spirit and satan, darth sidius and yoda, barrack obama and osama laden, himura battuosai and shishio, chihuahuas and extremely large cats) and unconditional neutralism (symbolised by buddha, the colour grey, switzerland, plain water and ...). not only in the pursuit of a unifying faith, or theory of everything, but in the personal-level questions, such as 'what should i have for lunch?' or 'at what time should i go to bed tonight?'. but, yes, there are many situations in which we ask ourselves, 'does this pertain to polar extremes, or does this fall into the middle-ground of both sides'.

for example, do you not often ask yourself if you need to take a shower? there is no arbitrary 1 or 0 situation which dictates showering, you have to take it in moderation, yes? that's not really a good example, but i hope i've conveyed my idea. and from this, we can hope to extrapolate a general consensus (if there is one) to every and all potential questions, and hopefully be able to narrow down the potential answers substantially.

actually i'm just ranting today because i thought it would be a good idea to take a break from the normal infectious disease crap. yay.

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