Saturday, 27 March 2010

the angry man

there is a story, which starts in a parallel universe from ours, where life is naturally endless and death is a rare phenomenon. in this universe, crime is of no consequence, but it is also without fruit, as there is no need for money, or food, or things of that nature. what people have is generally shared, and what people don't is usually not important enough to warrant a need.

this is, however, not to say that life in this parallel universe is perfect, or even enjoyable for the most part. in fact, it can be said as a rule of thumb, that across all the different parallel universes, everything comes with their own problems, and as a wise man one said: 'it's all about pros and cons'.

and i bring this up, only because, it is the wise man, who observes many things and comes to these conclusions, as he has traversed the multiple universes, time aplenty. he has come to many different theories of life and death, of living and dying. he has learned love and hatred, patience and chivalry. he has learned many things, most of which do not even exist adjectives to describe them. but, we shall save his story for another day, as today's story is about someone the wise man meets in this particular life and time. someone who is an angry man. someone we shall call wally.

it may have passed your noticing, but to reiterate: wally is an angry man. in a world closer to perfect than many others, it is with much irony that i state that he is probably angrier than the denizens of multiple universes combined. there is so much hatred in wally that it has become an artform, and to observe wally is to witness beauty in a very primal form. indeed, this is what the wise, old man does - he is an observer and so he watches, and takes it all in. the feral beauty, and tempest of anger that is wally, is just another singularity of interests in many worlds.

one day, the old man approaches wally, in an attempt to garner his friendship. indeed, this may not be the best of choices, you say. but the observer is a sage of sorts, and he has witnessed more than you ever will, so let us trust in his judgment, and see if the beastly wally is tamable by another human.

i regret to have built up this point, however, as the answer is a resounding 'no'. but the observer is not thwarted by simple disillusions. an angry man who is deathless is like a rubic cube to an infant; try it an infinitesimal number of times and you will progress nonetheless. maybe to success, maybe to demise, but progress nonetheless.

but, hark! today, the observer has gone, again to wally, with a novel approach. but wally is nowhere to be seen. so the observer travels the many different universes, in space and in time, in search of his lost, dear squall of emotions. his broken little train engine with which he has not even tinkered with enough to warrant a satisfactory conclusion. and tomorrow, the observer will arrive in our universe and meet no other than you. be prepared, for he will ask you, then:

'where's wally?'

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