Sunday, 14 March 2010

take a hint

all my life, i've never really fit in with the crowd (this is the stereotypical line to use when you need to make yourself feel special, or at least non-conformist). i will admit, it is nowhere near the being outliers that some of the people i know face. i've met some pretty eccentric people my age. some extremists (not in the terrorists sense, though), some just plain wacky, and others, who just try too hard to be different. and somewhere along this spectrum of acceptance, i lie, probably nearer the 'that odd guy' end than anyone should be.

anyway, the point so far is that i'm a pretty odd person. kinda out there. not too weird, though.

and this semester i've met someone who proportions pretty well such that, how i seem to the normal person, he seems to me. everything's relative. and by autoimmune leprotic jesus, he gets on everyone's nerves. he's brash, blunt, uncouth. the makings of someone who makes more social faux passes than there are webcomic bookmarks on my web browser. just that much. sometimes it's funny to observe. other times i roll my eyes. literally. and sigh at the same time. and still other times, i show a minimal level of disapproval, which, in my body language is pretty much saying 'dude. stfu'.

anyway, i guess, now i know what it's like to be around me. well, what it must feel like to be someone else, around me. the constant 'holier than thou' attitude and unbased confidence that i'm always right. it all feels very. awkward. very distasteful. and the best part is, the way i can tolerate this is only by knowing that other people have done the same for me.

it's surreal, though, how he probably knows all this. knows how people are at the very least annoyed by his presence. knows how he does the same mistakes over and over again. knows how people are hurriedly eager to get away from being alone with him, or in a conversation, talk to someone (anyone) else. and he just plows through with gusto (which hints that it's not really apathy, but instead more of a 'deal with it' attitude directed [or forced] upon others).

at least, now, i can appreciate how other people put up with me (thanks so much guys,me love you long time). but, god, why? next time, just stab me in a face with a spork. preferably the plastic ones, so that if i do survive, i won't risk the potential of rusty-spork inflicted hepatitis. alternatively, here's something that may help someone (e.g. me) be less annoying. or use some common sense.

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