Tuesday, 6 October 2009

what comes after a period (of, not necessarily, time)

i sometimes think people do things without reason. don't look at me with that raised eyebrow, you know what i mean. see, sometimes it's easy to pick out the dos and don'ts, but when you're in the hot seat, well. the decision-making process isn't so logical anymore. point in case - some friends were playing chess while waiting for a lecture, and all the observers could see the mistakes, but neither player could see theirs (ironically, they could see the opponent's). anymore of these analogies and i'm going to cry (misspelling with a reason).

there should be a limit as to how many mistakes one does in a day, a week, a month. is that something plausible, though?. no, i think not. reason to believe so is that... wait. no, don't really want to rant, gah. motivation is slightly lacking at the moment. i just woke up at 2am and am hungry, still tired, but have a shitton of stuff to do (really, don't we all?). want this, want that. it all sounds the same in the end. all too familiar - what i say, you say, they say. to an extent, we should all forget such petty things and enjoy things, without reason. end


Nusayb said...

Funny thing is, the title & the nature of the post make it sound as if you've just had your period, huhuhu!

etc said...

pms is serious business