Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i feel, therefore i am; she percieves, therefore...

i see a cat, you see a cat, he sees a cat,
as i wait for a grandiose fly, on the underground.
she sees herself and all whom she has ever met,
when she looks into a mirror, and in herself existence is found.

to feel, and think; to chose, to live, to hold,
in depravity, northern and frigid cold,
if god does not feel, then how can he ever be alive?
she has a brother whose name i cannot think of.
is neither crime, nor itself a punishment thereof,
and maybe to barely survive, is criterion to philosophise?

she sits upon the suit that walks aright (yes, it stands).
although hollow, a man without a head or hands.
how can you learn the meaning of a word, without the employ of dictionary?
upon a world she lives, before she is death and tax,
while chipping away at the icy sea, with an axe.
maybe by being ambiguous, condescending, interpreting with little wary.

'what would be a better way, to rend upon the populace,'
she thinks, 'to be the self i truly am', with pace.
'and maybe while i am, born again' - atheistic, agnostic, whichever you prefer;
hurries down a path of stimuli,
who would follow? verily not i,
and so i lost all sight of her, to someone else i now defer.

to someone whom she followed, not just for a while,
a being of malice - sinister, vile,
ah, i see this has taken upon itself a life of its own!
that's good and well, in its own cacophony.
for guidance is only an evil necessity,
as i contemplate whether to walk or run, she had already sprout white wings and flown.

it is hard to claim that i have lived, but she showed me that you need only exclude bad faith. 'but what of the people and their persistent, accusing stare?'
(because unlike her, i was not condemned to be free) to which she smiled and replied 'one does not simply arrest voltaire'.

- jean-paul sartre was a champion of the existentialist, and it would be impudence for me to attempt to summarise his impact on the world in a sentence or two. he was awarded the nobel prize in literature in 1964, which he declined, making him the first person to voluntarily refuse the prestigious award.

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