Monday, 19 October 2009

we'll be back after a word from our sponsors...

i apologise profusely, for, even though i had said in my previous post that i would 'summarise' this year's nobel-prize winning concepts, i am severely burdened with some work that i cannot procrastinate more than i already have. as such, i will continue with said entry (hopefully) after the submission date of my lab reports, this friday.

however, in keeping with the theme of the nobel prize, all throughout this week, here's something i came across while doing literature reviewing for my labwork, the nobel lecture by kary mullis. it's far more approachable than any of the journal articles one would normally find in this kind of line, but holds enough authority that if my friend quoted in a conversation, he'd be getting the chicks. but, seriously, it is a beautifully written speech, which combines the scientific aspects with his life story, and sharply delineates between the two, should you prefer one over the other. do have a read, if you can spare 15mins, while logging on facebook during lunch break, or on your blackberry while waiting for the bus.

i know it's not really something people will follow through with, but in keeping up with my personal goal of posting once a day, as well as the idea that if i can entice at least one person to read the first couple of paragraphs, i have done more than i set out to do, i post this; with hopes that some of us (including myself) appreciate just how far science and technology has come in so many years, and more of us take nothing for granted -etc.

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