Sunday, 4 October 2009

sometimes, pictures only tell one word...

a picture supposedly tells a thousand words. of this i am a firm believer. exceptions may include my doodles during lectures and camwhores on teh intrawebz. i'm a bit tight on time, but doing some research for all my assignments have yielded quite a few interesting pictures. here they are, in no particular sequence, one picture per assignment. i've included a title as appropriate, so that some of you can either go 'ah that picture exemplifies the work very well' (although you've not read the horribaddible that is 'work') or you can go 'wtf how is that even related?!'

bioinformatics: structure and function of DFFB_MOUSE as a multidomain protein

science communication: effectiveness of posters (review)

science communication: science of scuba diving

bioinformatics: sequence alignment (it's D. radiodurans!)

microbiology: evolution of influenza

microbiology: caspase cascades

ah well, i'll stop being lazy and write a proper post when all this is done with. 'til then,

... the word is 'fffffffuuuuuuuuuu...'

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