Friday, 16 October 2009

puer aeteruns

which is to mean 'eternal child'.

i was talking to a friend today, a1:

a1: yeah, i've lost contact with him ever since he got married.
etc: that's pretty common, i guess. it's around this age when jobs, significant others, etc. come into play.
a1: but i still keep in touch with you, you've not changed a bit.
etc: that's probably because i haven't grown up, since. all the things i've listed above don't pertain to me.
a1: so you're slow.
etc: that's a bit derogatory. i prefer to call it IMMORTALITY. or childish, immature. whichever you prefer.
a1: slow.
etc:... i think i'll call it 'peter pan syndrome'. that way, i could potentially get it classified as a recognised disease. psychological or some shit like that.
a1:sounds like an idea. you'll be the first patient, huh. i don't think i fit the criteria though. i have a job T_T.
etc: yeah, you have a bf, too. so you can't suffer from the syndrome. see, we've already established some of the clinical features to diagnose this.

and it's at this point i wikipedia 'peter pan syndrome'...

etc: fffffffuuuuuuuuuucccccccc******* you wikipedia.
etc: there's already an entry in wikipedia.
a1: hahahahahahahahahah (ad nauseum)
etc: and fu*k you michael jackson.
a1: he only named his theme park 'neverland' to get the kids in.

the dialogue goes on. but we still have hope! a1 is a doctor and 'peter pan syndrome' is not classified in the ICD10 or DSM (so it's not an 'official' disease. yet). i could still get this coined after me. my one shot at fame (albeit probably no fortune).

here's to adults who never really grow up /cheers.

p/s: interestingly, there's also a 'wendy dilemma' book, which i'm currently trying to find. no idea what it's about, but i think i can guess.
p/p/s: peter pan = flying = undead alternative. awesome


Anonymous said...

Don't think you are socially immature amir, maybe just young at heart tho =D

ps:i wish i can just escape to neverland now...sigh

etc said...

i'll thank you for the compliment, but i have to say, i have my doubts. c'est la vie!