Friday, 2 October 2009

avalon landing

i have many a friend who indulge, explore, reticate, and even produce philosophy. i have few a friend who dabble in it. i have no friends who know naught of it. it is easy to hold my friends in such high esteem considering i'm not confining the definition of philosophy to classical, authoritarian schools, but something more general, more ubiquitous. that, and my friend are pretty well-read.

i know many demons who lurk in shadows, preying on those who pray, effecting those with little affect. i find it very disturbing to consider my friends, who are so educated and socially-emancipated (though from what, i shan't discuss here) turning into these demons.

is it morally despicable to consider such corruption a definition of human nature? is it inadequate to assume that all things lead to ruin? is it expected of everyone to have skeletons in their closets, and japanese schoolgirls in their cupboards? again, going back to philosophies, there's no simple answer, i guess.

but something that's caught my eye, and has possibly elucidated more answers than any philosophy textbook i've ever read (not that there's been many of those) is a japanese manga which manages to provoke - it incites issues but remains vague, symbolic, metaphorical - enough such that you're free to interpret it with your own philosophies. be warned should you attempt to read, it is indeed very disturbing, and full of awkwarness. definitely nsfw.

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