Thursday, 1 October 2009

things you only found out when you grew up (things your parents never told you)

i like cooking. i may be horribaddible at it, but i like it. it's relaxing, it's meticulously well-planned, it's self-fulfilling, and best of all, the food is best when made by your own hands. even if others think it's terrible. same thing goes for baking, even though i haven't baked in about 2 1/2 years. i miss those times.

it's common to think you're missing out on something good when you think you could have done it, but never really followed through. personally i think this all the time when i reflect upon all the 'lost chances' i had. all the decisions which could have potentially been better (or at least less worse); like when i was younger i wanted to be a sage of sorts. a pious man, devoted in life to religion and god. but i never really found out where that would lead to.

and then i grew up and wanted to become a scientist. which may still happen, i guess. but it'll never be really the same as what i had imagined as a younger me. by the way, if you google 'draw a scientist' test, or DAST, you might find some interesting ideas on pre-conceptions and development of perceptions.

and then i grew up and wanted to become a mathematician. but that was crushed by the fact that there's no real job for mathmos back home.

and then i grew up and wanted to become a doctor. somewhat. boy, did that get screwed over.

and here i am now. all grown up. with no idea what i really want to do. which is really interesting. because i should have been a chef. i might have sucked. the pay might have been meagre and the benefits non-existent. the hours may have been long and the abuse harsh. but i can honestly say i like cooking.

but then, i'd say 'i miss science'.

ah well, such is the indecision of the human mind.

did you grow up wanting to be an astronaut? maybe a firefigher or policeman? maybe a ninja or a pirate? maybe a teacher or an engineer? did you grow up wanting?

and for all those wants, did you get anywhere close? does it matter that you have(n't)? so many questions to which i can only answer (personally):

boy, am i hungry. i should go cook something for dinner


Anonymous said...

bro,this entry made my day.thanks.
-the one who's bout to ditch med and go off to the coast somewhere to be a fulltime writer.heh.

etc said...

i'm happy that it made someone's day, at the very least! don't forget to send me some material when you're a famous writer.

- i wonder who you could be

xinsiera said...

hey... good one. seriously.

i did get what i want though, coz i ventured out of our familys' comfort zone. people was sceptical at first, but it turned out ok. it actually depends on you yourself. you shape your future. you are in control of what you want. the rest is up to God. :)