Tuesday, 20 October 2009

i am bender. please insert girder,

still keeping in theme with nobel prizes, but extending to what the future holds. i know. i'm not really doing this chronologically. but hey, like i said, after friday, you can expect better quality.

moving on. say 'hi' to craig venter. he's a pretty crazy guy. admittedly experimented with drugs during his youth. and went on to become famous for the human genome project. and yeap, nobel laureate.

here he is, talking about synthetic life, and what awaits us beyond the genetic frontier, which could, in one majestic swoop, solve many of the huge problems that plague modern humanity: carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. dwindling fossil fuel supplies. global hunger and famine. clean, renewable energy... as venter says,

we are limited only by our imagination

oh yeah, dienococcus radiodurans is mentioned in his lecture. told you it's awesome.

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