Sunday, 2 May 2010

what dreams may june, july and august

i don't often sleep between 2 and 8 p.m. it's usually when i'm out and about, not that it's my most productive time of the day, but i'm sure everyone has something or another to do during these hours. anyway, i broke that rule today (it's been a reeeeealllly long week, so cut me some slack). and the result was this... ridiculously insane dream, the likes of which i have not had in quite a while.

it's one of those dreams where i actually half-opened my eyes and was in the limbo place between awareness and a light sleep. where i can realise, with some insight that i am, indeed, sleeping, yet not fully aware where am. one of those dreams where, when you awaken, everything melts into place - in this case, each window pane falls steadily into frame, each glaring eye from the darkness shimmers into delicate rays of light that tease at my eyes, each thud, each clang, each snikkety-snak, dins and hums and melts, into a continuous and superfluous racket of traffic in the background. and all this comes, with a dawning of sense, of realisation, that everything is, in fact, a-o.k.

i digress. in fact, at this point, it is pertinent to note that i digressed so far when writing this entry, that two days have spanned - unimportant yet real dangers of computers and internet connections have made it such that i think it suffices to be nondescript and non-descriptive, but just outline the fact that though time has passed, the contents of my dreams sometimes do venture back to the days when things were simple, and life was good.

maybe the summer of youth has really given way to an uncertain autumn, and we should brace ourselves for the cold, harsh winter ahead.

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