Thursday, 6 May 2010

we're all the same

children are hypocrites. they talk about all the wonderful things they would do when they grow up, uninhibited by adults' rules and bedtime curfews. but, when they're actually old enough to do anything, they just fall into another stereotypical, cyclical life.
grown-ups are hypocrites. they talk about all the idealisms, the innocence, the naiveties of life. but, when they're actually in a position to actually do something about life, they run amok with corruption, defiling their own creeds evermore.

men are hypocrites. they'll talk about how all they want in a woman is someone who would be merciful enough to entertain their silly whims. but, all they want is for her to put out.
women are hypocrites. they'll talk about how all they ever really wanted is a man who would listen, and stand up for them, and be considerate and passionate. but, if he doesn't look like a model / isn't filthy rich / isn't in a position of power, they wouldn't show him the light of day.

humans are hypocrites. they'll talk about how enlightened we are as a species, how blissful it is to have awareness and insight; to have intellect and wisdom. but, given the chance to eat one another, it's a disgrace to all canines to use the term 'dog-eat-dog world'.
animals are hypocrites. they'll pretend to be mindless and void of 'higher thought processes', to be governed by the spirit of the wild and feral laws of the unspoken. but, they act in a manner more befitting of intelligent creatures, though this is subject to debate (hopefully between animals, themselves).

readers are hypocrites. they'll cherish your every word and hang on your every letter; worshiping each and every idea; relishing the nuances and pedanticisms of your literative (lack of) skills (hyperbolic elements here). but given you are down, they'll criticise every punctuation to the dot, they'll mind your s's, haunt your h's; dot your i's and cross your t's!
writers are hypocrites. they'll promise you the world, dazzle you with nonsensical words and confuse you with unnecessary portmanteaus; they'll obfuscate the most basic of ideas and convolute the simplest of arguments. but they'll never. ever. ever. practice what they preach.


Adam Johari said...

this entry is awesome


etc said...

is this sincere, or sarcastically in line with the last paragraph? either way, thank you very much, i enjoyed writing it!

also, you should update more often.