Sunday, 23 May 2010

oh, sh*t

sometimes, i find that to find the most profound ideas, you have to take yourself down a notch. you know, calm it down a bit, get off that high horse and step down from that elevated moral ground. and one of the best venues for doing so, as you may have known, is the university toilet stalls.


yeah, really, some of the most interesting monologues (and sometimes dialogues) i have found are on the walls of the dunny. there's always some reference to sartre, nietzche, dante, obama, the bible, and who knows what not. this makes serendipitously interesting reading material while taking a dump. goddamn literary arts majors.

this is not to say, though, that all uni water closets are full of intellectually challenging, mind boggling, existential write-ups. there's always some really horribad traps, like someone's making glory-holes, inappropriately explicit website addresses, general profanity, and of course, bitching about some lecturer or another. many lulz ensue.

here's some of my favourite quotes:

"nietzche wrote everything's spawned from the sex-desire or death-desire. clearly he never had a puppy"
"if hell is other people, then there sure was a lot of hellspawn not flushing the toilets"
"man, i wish i could take a sh*t without my mind wandering to who's in the next stall" followed by someone scratching out 'who's in the next stall' and replacing it with 'your mom'
"i think [certain professor] is such a man!" <-- in the men's toilet.

the list goes on...


the girl in stiletto said...

hahaha! vandalism happens everywhere eh. not just the toilet in secondary school in malaysia =p

etc said...

yes! although i never really did get a chance to read what profanity/insight there was in high school since i went to boarding school, and i'm pretty sure if someone got caught vandalising stuff, they'd serve 30 to life.