Monday, 17 May 2010

in as many ways, dearest teach

there is an adage,
dedicated to you;
of candles, and burning,
of what's hard, what's true.
xie xie, shi-fu.

there is a feeling,
that every day i feel anew;
writing, counting, seeing, learning,
dedicated to myself, and to you.
terima kasih kepadamu wahai guru.

there is a figure,
that keeps disregard at bay,
that fights when i cannot,
through dark and day.
arigatogozaimasu, sensei.

there is a longing,
that even the discordant pariah;
if he had taught you a single alif,
has worthiness of a messiah.
shukran ya ustaz(ah).

and i cannot express, no matter how long and hard i were to preach;
i say 'thank thee' in as many ways to you, dearest teach.

- dedicated to every teacher i've ever had, and i remember each and every one of you, if not by name, if not by sight, then at the very least at the back of the miniscule window in my mind. thank you evermore.

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