Wednesday, 5 May 2010

sons of liberty

i don' believe the weatherman much. coo-ee, sez many a-thang you canna b'lieve, say. b'then, you gatta b'lieve in somethin' or 'nother, even if 'tis unpredictable as the weatherman. and if he predicta' somethin' a-likes-a an intergalactic storm? if he predicta' somethin' as cuh-ray-zee as-a aliens a-comin' ta kill us all? well, ta tha' sometimes ya just gotta hope tha' the blizzard is just-a big as we hope it can be. coo-ee. 'tis been a long time a-comin, though. an' like my pa used-a say:

it's about time.

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etc said...

27th july 2010. who psyched? you psyched!