Thursday, 13 May 2010

cheer up, calm down

from my previous post, a good friend, and probably the only person who sits down and reads my crap (thank you, kay!) pointed out that i have been using the phrase 'cheer up, emo kid' more and more frequently.

as a testament and sign of appreciation to kay, i would just like to point out that i have no claim to fame associated with the creation, propagation or use of said phrase. it has been around on teh intrawebz for god-knows how long.

in a short-stop attempt at diverting the subject, here is a webcomic i frequent, which goes under the name cheer up, emo kid.

some people, including kay, have asked me 'what actually is emo?' o r 'what is an emo?'. this is an interesting question, and i am tempted to link wikipedia, like i always do. however, i don't think the definition of emo as a genre of music fully encompasses the extent of the use (and meaning) of the word. there's so much more social implications and associations with and of the word. cultural niches and sub-niches. emotions and -thymias (though normally associated with dysthymia). there's a whole plethora of thing i don't think i'm eligible of elaborating upon.

i think a good place to start for those truly interested is that emo stems from the word 'emotion' and take it from there. maybe some research will help elevate the social stigma and stereotypes surrounding the word (and prevent fotm emo-ers). so long as you don't end up /wrists at some point.

besides, real emos don't go around parading horrible haircuts, tear-drenched mascara, half-hearted wrist lacerations or playing stereotyped songs on their guitars in public. no, real emos, i don't think, display their broken and bleeding hearts on their sleeves, for the public to view (and subsequently criticize and laugh at). a real emo relishes in it and of him/herself, during moments alone, and when s/he exits his/her solitudary sanctum, s/he wears the biggest (fake?) smile and has the cheeriest attitude. just saying. because real emos have cheered up.

p/s: i should have manbearracist read this because i'm sure emos are on his must-offend list.

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