Thursday, 4 February 2010

it's not you, it's me. actually, it really is you.

although this is something most of us might associate with break-ups, i am happy to announce that this entry has nothing whatsoever to do with the doom and gloom of relationships. yay!

it's about a common theme in my blogs, though, which is *drumroll* hypocracy. in a more specific niche of hypocrites and their nature, is something i like to refer to as the 'lose-lose argument' because, as it blatantly states, you are at a loss no matter what you argue for (or against) in said argument. let's take an example.

on day 1, A is eating in the living room, and B walks in:

B: when you're finished with that, remember to take the dishes and cutlery to the kitchen.
A: calm it down, i'll take it later. my show is on.

(A's show is 'so you think you can dance?'. such horrible taste).
many minutes later, B re-enters the room to find A sleeping and his plate in the middle of the room. needless to say, A gets a rude awakening, and a punch. bam! straight to the face.

day 2, B is eating in the living room and leaves his bowl in the middle of the room. A enters, carrying his laundry and is oblivious to the placement of said bowl, and in moments has tripped over it, nearly falling to his death. ok not really to his death, but maybe injury.

B: dude. wtf. watch where you're going. could have broken my favourite bowl.
A: (insert wtf?!? face here)

again, just to point out, i'm neither saying A nor B was right, (in my opinion, both should have taken their stuff to the kitchen right away), but this is a pretty good example of a lose-lose argument.

yet another situation:

X is driving the car and Y is in the passenger's seat. a car cuts X off at an intersection, where it should be X's right of way. X continues to berate the reckless driver, while driving. this, in turn, leads to a lapse in concentration and X changes lanes without giving his indicator signal. a speedily approaching car swerves out of collision's way with a hair's breadth to spare, and in the confusion and embarrassment, X says:

'why the hell is he driving so goddamn fast? this is the slow lane. jesus'

i don't think i need to tell you what X would have said, had Y been driving. again. lose-lose argument.

i guess the moral of the stories is that before you make a rash accusation / conclusion / observation / baby seal with pink ponytails, you should probably think about the flip side of the coin - would you say the same thing given the tables turned? or something chivalrous like that.

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