Wednesday, 24 February 2010

aren't you angry?

on tuesdays, there's about a 3 hour break between the mycology lecture (horrible stuff on fungi. there couldn't possibly be a drier subject in this course) and the foundations of infectious diseases lecture. the latter lecture, by the way, is shared with the undergrad medics and pharmacy masters students. this makes it very clinically-oriented and hence, equally boring. damn the luck.

but anyway, this does not concern the purpose of this entry. instead, focus on the three hours between lectures, where we have nothing to do, and end up hanging out in the common room (or, as per yesterday, driving to the city to have half-off waffles and ice cream). sitting with a caucasian girl who happens to be a friend (herein avoiding the term girl->friend and its connotations), she strikes up the most unusual conversation:

ice-princess: aren't you angry?
etc: say what?
ice: angry. aren't you angry that all these white guys are stealing asian chicks?
etc: stealing? i wouldn't really use the word, but i think i catch your drift. and, no, why would i be angry?
ice: because, they're taking away your girls. not just any girl, either. the white guys take the hottest of the lot. i'm just saying, if i were you, i'd be pretty pissed.

(it takes me a few pondering minutes to digest this)

etc: no, still not really. if you think about it as a racially-unbiased population - a pool from which anyone can chose any partner. then everyone has equal chances at getting anyone else. right?
ice: i don't think so. it's not really unbiased. white chicks don't really dig asian guys. heck, nobody does.
etc: way to go. kill my self-esteem much?
ice: well, i'm just being honest.
etc. ctfd. that's not true... actually it kind of is... go on.
ice: ok, so. white chicks want white guys. or black guys... mmmm (goes into some trance)
etc: *snap fingers* ctfd. concentrate, you can daydream about black guys in the lecture, later.
ice: sorry, just went to my happy place. anyway, asian chicks, apparently they want white guys as well.
etc: i can see your argument. this is slightly unnerving.
ice: yeah. i'm not saying anything about asian guys, though. it's probably because of the asian mentality as well.
etc: meaning?
ice: well, you get married to a white guy, and you've got a helluva chance of migrating here. citizenship. money ensues. this is the whole asian paradigm, isn't it.
etc: ... this is true...
ice: see. plus, white guys are hunkier.
etc: sure. why don't you point out the fact they have enormous (by comparison) c*cks, too.
ice: hey, i didn't go there.
etc. you were thinking it.
ice: my case still stands.

(pause to drink, while i think of a witty, yet substantial comeback. i have nothing T_T).

etc: ok. so you might be right. i'm still not angry, though.
ice: how can you not be!
etc: because, i'm an individualist. any girl, irrespective of being white, asian, black or purple, will chose accordingly. there's only so many pros you can list for white guys. asian dudes have their days as well. so, may the best man win.
ice: hmmm... i want to agree. but.
etc: yeah, i can't really lie to myself, either. ok, different argument. it's not like i stood any chance in the first place, so why would it make a difference?
ice: f*cken emo much? cheer up emo kid.
etc: hey, that's my line. no stealing.
ice: well, you're not doing yourself any favours with a mentality like that.
etc: calm. the. f. down. just saying.
ice: uh-huh.
etc: besides, i'm pretty much black. everyone digs a black guy.
ice: yeah... good luck with that. you're brown but no way black.
etc: :(
ice: we'd better head back to uni, lecture's in... one hour.
etc: way to go. aren't you angry, either? that all the asian chicks are stealing your guys?
ice: i... never really thought about that. f*cken asian chicks. we should get rid of them, for the betterment of you and me, both.
etc: i don't see how that helps my situation... at all.
ice: well, don't tell me you're into asian chicks?
etc: entirely besides the point. unbiased, remember?
ice: sure. well, i guess if you get rid of asian chicks, you have a chance, by force, with a white girl! that's gotta be pure win.
etc: hmmm. i dunno. big boobs. big ass. blondes. blue eyes. enticing but. this isn't an equilibrium. removing asian chicks from the equation won't force a shift in another direction. just saying.
ice: f*ck it, we should just get rid of them, nonetheless.
etc: are you angry?

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